Premiere • OddCouple (Ft. Rah Rah The Savage): "The Come Up"

Take note, Closed Sessions is always open. The local hit factory has continued to kill it as of late with the premiere of their latest single, oddCouple's teaming up with Rah Rah The Savage for "The Come Up". The latest collaboration for the talented producer finds him once again laying a solidly unique backing for the bars which come delivered here with subtle aggressiveness. It's a much more industrial, gritty sound than we're used to hearing from OC and it speaks to the range of one of our favorite beat makers in the city. This has an almost Post Malone vibe to it throughout and is perfect for getting you out of bed on those grey December days when the work seems to be too much: "I was plotting on my come up when no one believed in me." We caught up with Mr. oddCouple himself to dig more into the track. Read more below, listen above, and enjoy your own individual come up.

TheseDays • This is the latest single collaboration in a long line, how is this one indicative of your year?

oddCouple • This one is just very cool as it serves as a sort of summary of the year for me. It's been a long crazy year of hard work, and then dropping Chatterbox, and then digesting that project, and a new direction for my career. Things just kind of evolved, and this song is just those feelings set to a soundtrack.

TheseDays • How did you get together with Rah Rah The Savage?

oddCouple • I'm sick of motherf*ckers sayin Rah Rah ain't no savage, Rah Rah ain't no hitta, Rah Rah don't be out here, shut the f... Haha. Naw, we linked through our mutual friend WebsterX (we're all three and Kweku sitting on something "amazing"). We're all from Milwaukee and have gotten to be homies through that connection, and our music of course.

TheseDays • Closed Sessions has been working with more out of town talent, who's scouting?

oddCouple • Never reveal the plug. 

TheseDays • What can we expect from CS and oddCouple in 2016?

oddCouple • You can definitely expect a lot more eclectic things from CS, we're really turning a corner and doing things that aren't expected of us. For me, personally, a ton more evolution of the sound I started to form. Trying to continue to tell my story and deliver big strong music with great people.