Smino • blkjuptr EP

Zero Fatigue has been slaying 2015. Coming out of the woodwork this time last year with a constant stream of releases, Smino, Monte Booker, Ravyn Lenae, and crew have been holding our attention on a seemingly daily basis. From Ravyn's debut Moon Shoes EP to Monte's debut Soulection EP to Smino's S!CK S!CK S!CK trio, the Classick Fam assembly has been slanging home runs on the regular. There's no reggie to be found around these parts. 

Now, to up the ante even more, to raise the stakes for everyone's end-of-the-year lists, STL transplant Smino let loose blkjuptr, a five song EP fully produced by Monte Booker; it is this release that further proves that the Zero Fatigue collective won 2015. Taking no prisoners, these fifteen minutes act as a fine follow-up to S!CK and will be sure to hold over Smino's fan base until he decides to release his Zero Fatigue full-length this upcoming spring.