Round Up • New Releases Featuring Gzus Piece, Spenzo, Blev, & More

Photo by Michael Salisbury

Each week the These Days staff comes across great music from Chicago artists that we could not provide individual features for. In an effort to keep our readers up to date with more of our recent favorites, the Round Up segment provides quick summaries and additional noteworthy content. Check out our latest picks below and feel free to submit a comment if you feel we missed something. 

Alex Wiley (Ft. Chance The Rapper & GLC) • "Spaceship II (Bleverly Hills Remix)"

For his latest remix, Blev (credited here as Bleverly Hills) hit us with a true Chicago throwback, giving the early Alex Wiley and Chance The Rapper record "Spaceships II" an EDM-style flip with heavy distorted synths. The two emcees recently linked up for the former's Village Party 2, but this track can be found on the original VP, way back when they were on the cusp of success they have now.

Gzus Piece • You Almost Never Heard This

Expect the unexpected from Treated Crew's Gzus Piece. The Chicago veteran drops off a spontaneous collection of music you almost never heard. Not sure what inspired Gzus to be so sentimental about these, but we're glad he kept 9 tracks from the recycle bin. Featuring fellow Treated members Sulaiman, Mic Terror, and producer Mike Jaxx among others, Gzus Piece's You Almost Never Heard This is something kind of have to listen to. These rap's lives were spared for your listening pleasure. If you're really messing with it, cop the limited edition gold cassette

eGo Jaleel • "Now That I'm On"

EGo Jaleel has a voice that'll stop you in your tracks, and when you throw in a beat like this it's a surefire recipe for success. The Chicago singer glides over a chipmunk'd out guitar and lurking sub as he addresses the problems of success (they may be good problems, but problems nonetheless). "Now That I'm On" is a undeniably smooth product, and a great starting point to those who are new to EGo Jaleel. You can find his project from this summer, ALONE, here.

Dogs at Large • Please Refrain

Dogs At Large's music comforts me. It takes 90's rock vibes but combines them with an authentic punk sound (not cheap mimicry), something you don't often get now. Two genres I pretty much don't listen to anymore, not because of a distaste for the sound but for a talent pool that has grown smaller and smaller with time.  So, Dogs At Large, thank you for showing me that, at least in Chicago, rock ain't dead. This Chicago band covers all it's bases, with instrumentals complex enough to avoid repetitiveness and a singer whose voice can inject a large dose of intensity into the music and weasel into your brainwaves. As their bandcamp description states, "Shit kickers from Chicago, purchasing lightbulbs and eating them since the late 1980's." Rock 'n roll, Dogs At Large.  

Spenzo • "DJ Esco"

If you're reading this blurb, you likely enjoy rap music enough to be familiar with Drake and Future's video for "Where Ya At". In that video, DJ Esco wilds out, introducing the world to some unique and memorable dance moves. I can't say Spenzo's new song is inspired by this Esco moment, but that's the first thing I thought of. Whatever the inspiration, we're glad Spenzo's got it. He's been on a hiatus for months, but this is now Spenzo's second in as many weeks. Does this mean there's more music on the way? I don't know, but fuck it, hit that DJ Esco.

Jaclyn Rachelle • Primetime

Frank is the intoxicating new project from Jaclyn Rachelle. This is performance with patience, and it takes a while to get a feel for what the sound of Frank is. Don't let that stop you though, rest assured that you'll be satisfied if you listen through. The production here can't be ignored, unique and despite it's slightly alien, detached sound, emerging as completely natural when mixed with Jaclyn's incredible voice. Lucas G produced the entire thing, an impressive collection of sounds from the instrumentalist that are cold but alive. This allows the crooning Jaclyn Rachelle and her Frank project, for the moment, to stand out from the pack of other singers we've been hearing recently. Give this lady some listens!