OnGaud • "You" (Ft. Supa Bwe)

Production trio OnGaud took a brief hiatus in 2015. With a résumé that contains production assistance for Mick Jenkins, Chance The Rapper, Noname Gypsy, Dally Auston, and so many more, OnGaud were becoming a household name within the Chicago production scene. That being said, it was nice to see all three members continuing to work despite the split. Spending time between solo efforts and side projects, member Brian toured with Mick Jenkins as his drummer while Billy worked as part of duo Jah Ras, and SolarFive focused on his rapping, specifically over Dougy's production on the EP Original Soul.

Keeping news low key in regards to the split and the reunion, they thankfully came back together over the summer and are currently in the process of releasing an upcoming EP called Compliments to the Chef. With the lead single released through Columbia label AEMMP Records, OnGaud are back with "You" alongside Hurt Everybody vocalist/producer SupaBwe. The lead single is a bass-driven smanger (that's not a word) begging for a car stereo and a scream-a-long. Supa's brilliant at repeating his hooks so precisely and passionately that you'll be knowing the lyrics before your first listen is over. Jump into "You" this weekend and look out for more from OnGaud in the coming weeks.