HXLT • "Guitar"

Directed by Nigel Holt

Details surrounding the release of HXLT's G.O.O.D. Music debut are still a little blurry, but the rapper turned crooner continues to give curious listeners a peek into what we can expect from HXLT musically in the future. Garnering the attention of the Kanye West run imprint of Def Jam earlier this year, HXLT announced the reinvention of himself and has since changed his approach to making music drastically. Relying more on the support of his band, HXLT's first two singles have been very reminiscent of 90's alt rock. Although you might click play on the video above and expect a string heavy instrumental to support a song called "Guitar", but ironically, the track doesn't actually feature any guitar. HXLT sings on the chorus wishing he could play the guitar, and it appears that is still just a wish. The song is produced by Mano, but the whole band is on board for HXLT's self directed visual. Doesn't look like we'll be getting HXLT's album before the end of the year, but never say never, this roll out has hardly been predictable.