Goodbye Tomorrow • "Mesmerizing"

Anonymous and enigmatic Chicago collective Goodbye Tomorrow have been dropping a series of strong loose singles ever since releasing their full-length, A Journey Through the Mind of a Non-Believer, back in August. Since we heard those debut twelve tracks, the group has dropped two singles "2 Many" and "eXplosions", both of which we covered at These Days.

Now, they continue to build buzz with a mellow and relaxed third number called "Mesmerized". Containing significantly less aggression than past tracks, "Mesmerized" showcases the group's diversity and eclecticism as they highlight their expansive sound. All of these tracks appear to be leading up to their first shows, first in LA tomororw then on December 22 in NYC at Gramercy Theatre. Pitched as a "live beta test" and sponsored by Pigeons&Planes (who premiered this song), Goodbye Tomorrow seem to know exactly what they're doing. Join in on the mayhem as they promise to test perception and knowledge.