Calez • Network Trappin' EP

Rapper/producer Calez has been relatively quiet ever since releasing his ambitious and personal full-length Ceito last summer. The 2008ighties member (alongside names like Legit, DJ Oreo, Sani) made his way (multiple times) on Wiley's newest full-length, Village Party II, in particular on the hit song "Navigator Truck" with Chance The Rapper.

After teasing his new trap release for the last few months, Calez finally announced that it would be an EP called Network Trappin'. With an aesthetic of a virus or a bug infiltrating an old computer, Network Trappin' is available for pre-order on iTunes, but will not be a project available for free on SoundCloud or Bandcamp. To prove your loyalty to Calez, or simply to prove your loyalty to a blooming music scene, Calez is testing his audience by trapping out his EP and charging $5.

To give you a taste of what you will hear if you buy the product (to be delivered on January 1), he released a mini teaser on SoundCloud of all the previously released songs. The four-piece "trailer" should be enough to convince you to pull out the loose change from your (PayPal) pockets and ante up.

Network Trappin', coming soon. Read more about it below.