Malcolm London • "Uncle Been"

Well, if you made it to this page then you’re probably aware of our December cover artist, Malcolm London. The 22-year-old has been leading by example as a local organizer and today continues to step out as an artist as well with the release of “Uncle Been”.

Touted on his Twitter as a song “made for myself”, the track is a familiar one for anyone who has seen London perform live and is one of his most endearing tracks to date, building off the realistically positive vibes of “I’m Possible”. Perhaps taking cues from his success as a poet, Malcolm is able to seamlessly maneuver back and forth from scathing takes on the world to mundane inferences on day to day life. 

So, take some time to pay attention to one of the more important voices making noise in Chicago today and get over to that cover story if you’re not already in tune.

"Mama say avoid the places where your Uncle's been
You got a Black face, they think you Uncle Ben
You on the web Spiderman, where your Uncle Ben?
With great power, comes the goverment.