Jayaire Woods • "2 Shoes"

Directed by Devin Johnson

Jayaire Woods has been hanging in a cloud of buzz in 2015, chiefly because despite it being his rookie year he's dropping the quality of a veteran. A standout of his thoughtful and smoked-out trees42tomorrow project from November was "2 Shoes", and now we've got a visual (somewhere Jayaire found snow).   The Bellwood, IL rapper has a distinct voice, rubbery and murky and a conduit to Jayaire's philosophy. Not just rapping here and singing there, Jayaire Woods threads the needle and occupies a refreshing space between two delivery methods for letting the weight off his shoulders. Despite the aesthetic fog of his music, there's something about Jayaire Woods' content that feels awake and alert.  

Want to know more? TheseDays' own Neonpajamas can give you an advanced crash course in Woods 101 with his past thoughts on trees4tomorrow. The mixtape left quite the impression and was a perfect intro to the compelling artist whose name will be certainly floating through our ears in 2016.