Kembe X • "Loosie"

With a title like "Loosie", I can only imagine that Kembe's latest release is just that. Random release or not, new audio from Kembe over production by frequent collaborator Hippie Sabotage is always a welcomed listen. Although this track was released as a video earlier this year, the Chicago native (who now resides in L.A.) decided to let loose the audio version over the weekend. The future of Kembe X has been kept well under wraps, but we hope these recent releases lead to Kembe's first release in well over a year. Can you imagine releases from both Kembe X and Noname Gypsy in the same year? A crazy thought, but all too possible.

In addition to being relatively quiet on the music front, Kembe and his team have yet to confirm the relationship between himself and TDE. Kembe has been an unofficial affiliate for a while now (Moosa manages him) and having not released a project in 2015 might have to do with label politics. That's all just speculation, though. For all we know, we might get a packaged product from him sooner than later. In any event, we hope to continue hearing more from the criminally slept on Kembe X. If you missed the music video when it was released back in May, be sure to check it out above.