Femdot • "Body Bags"

His biology knowledge was the only thing our homie Femdot flexed when he dropped by These Days Radio last week, he also had some brand new music for us. We had the exclusive for nearly a week if you listened to our archived show, but today "Body Bags" is available for all. Juggling work, school, and a budding rap career, Femdot is only being held back by his ambitions. With just a year left until he gets his bachelor's degree at only 21 years old, Femdot's extra free time is going to be a death sentence for some of these "phone it in" rappers.  

It's been just under a year since the release of Femdot's The King Dilla EP, but he's gearing up for a busy winter season including the release of Femdelacreme 2 in early 2016. You may not know his name, but we'll be sure to work on that during the next several months. "Body Bags" is your first homework assignment, now get to work.