Young Chop • "That's All"

Exploration is an awesome thing. His newest single "That's All" might not be the Young Chop you expected, but it's definitely a track that the world needs to hear. This is Young Chop at his sunniest, and might be the most upbeat song he's ever helped craft. Young Chop continues to impress with his raps, and on the production side of things, Chopsquad's Corey Lingo absolutely kills the beat. That's all. Piano notes plink and snares jump happily across Chop's big flow, and it couldn't be clearer that for Chop, "All I know is ball..." This dropped today and I've already listened 10+ times. What can one say? "That's All" is fire, pure and simple. 

But "That's All" isn't all. After giving us his instrumental mixtape Choptober on Halloween, Young Chop is blessing fans everywhere with Finally Rich 2. Yes, Finally Rich was a Chief Keef album, but let's not get caught up in the details. Young Chop is picking up the torch as Sosa self-actualizes, providing a combo of rapping and production that will undoubtedly be top-notch. "That's All" will be on it, and that's about as fantastic an omen as can be.