Ronnie Ronnie • "Stop"

For me personally, at least, very little is known about Chicago artist Ronnie Ronnie. With only four tracks on his SoundCloud, it appears that the 21-year-old produces all of his own material (as Ronnie Fidel), while also rapping and singing over his creations (as Ronnie Ronnie). His newest number, "Stop", is full of bright energy and dance floor beckons. It might fit nicely within a late-night DJ set at Beauty Bar. Shout-out to their disco ball.

Complete with a Janet Jackson flip, "Stop" is eccentric, synth-driven, and something to play alongside your lady. While Ronnie Ronnie has only given us four songs in the last year, apparently "Stop" is the lead single for upcoming project Natural Feel. Until then, enjoy the small amount of content on his SoundCloud while we wait for more. I'm sure it'll be worth it.