Dougy and NversivE • Peasants

Is it a split single? Is it an ongoing playlist? Do titles even matter? Regardless of terminology and categorization, the two songs that were recently lumped into a playlist by Chicago producers Dougy and NversivE are worth discussing.

Both tracks remain instrumental as the two producers do serious damage behind the boards, creating something both soulful and lost in the clouds. Just by scrolling through their respective SoundCloud accounts, it becomes apparent that the two have worked together in the past and that the chemistry is real. They even collaborated on the opening track of Dougy's 20 song project Growth, which was released back in September. 

The atmospheric vibes on this playlist are perfect for early November, when the leaves fall and Chicago demands a hoodie (or three). “Virtuous Harmony” and “Serenity” encapsulate feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Meditative and smooth. The titles alone give off that effect, and after listening through the seven minutes of instrumentation, you may find yourself drifting toward the sky, or perhaps calling a nearby salon for a deep tissue body massage.

While it's unclear whether or not these tracks will be part of something larger down the road, the two songs contained within the Peasant playlist are quality enough for a These Days writeup.