DRAMA • "Walk Away"

Directed by Noyz

In September, singer Via Rosa and producer Na'el Shehade announced their collaborative duo DRAMA with the release of "Hopes Up", the lead single to their highly anticipated EP. Although the EP has yet to see the light of day, they did release the music video for "Walk Away", the second single from the project. 

In the one-take video, which is directed by Noyz, we see Via Rosa strolling through the grocery store, selecting items for dinner while singing along to her song. But just as Ms. Rosa's music contains hints of magic and lively imagination, the grocery store has a bit more sparkle than normal. Look close enough and you might see cameos from artists like Jean Deaux, Drea Smith, Smino, and more. Rosa and Shehade associate themselves with plenty of talented individuals, and their duo DRAMA is a fine addition to this roster of Chicago creativity.