Cataphant • Half Dead EP

Wake up because they rise in the night of the living half dead, made of miracles.”

Catalina Bellizzi's Half Dead EP is the debut release under her new moniker Cataphant. Originally a folk songwriter, Cataphant united with Brooklyn producer Ohmega Watts, who provided the backdrops for all six songs on the project. The result is an eclectic and electronic project, one that sounds like equal parts Little Dragon, Dead Weather, and ambient trip-hop. It's no wonder that the EP is categorized as “folk-psych”.

In Cataphant's own words, she describes the EP as being written “during one of the darkest years of my life. I was grieving the breakdown of several key relationships within my family and community, resurfacing and un-dealt-with past trauma, and overwhelming disillusionment with where life had brought me. I used song writing as a means to process pain as well as declare, out of faith, that the emotional death I was experiencing at the time would ultimately lead to life.”

Recorded in Chicago, Seattle, and Los Angeles, the six song EP is definitely one to check out. It's perfect for the newly chilled weather and the quotation at the top, which is a combination of all of the song names, only adds to the surreal release. Grab Half Dead for $5 over on Bandcamp, or simply stream it above.