Tree • "D Day"

Earlier this year, producer/rapper Tree stepped out from behind the boards and focused solely on his lyricism. Without his own signature chipmunk "soul trap" production, the result was Trap Genius, a ten song project featuring beats from various outside artists; the album properly highlighted Tree's street struggles and came complete with a mini documentary about life on the south side of Chicago.

Following that release, Tree spent the summer dropping a series of freestyles on his SoundCloud, again over beats from outside producers. Other than a loose feature here and there, MC Tree went a bit dormant, perhaps to continue discovering his sound, perhaps to prepare for something larger.

On Thanksgiving, as a means of a solo return after being quiet for four months, Tree delivered with "D Day". Whether it's a loose single for the food-filled holiday or perhaps a piece of something larger, the Roil-produced track is something soulful and smooth from the respected veteran Chicago MC.