Kay Karma • Wait No More

Kay Karma has a voice that will immediately grab you. It’s strong and slices through a song, making it instantly compelling. She’s cut her teeth remixing some popular instrumentals, but that’s nothing to scoff at, as she takes each song and goes Drought 3 on them. Equal parts singing and rapping, Kay Karma attacks the remix and makes the songs her own.

With such a great track record over the past summer, there’s been plenty of anticipation for her first official release. Wait No More is Kay Karma’s debut project and a very strong start. The sound isn't what we've become accustomed to hearing from Kay, but she's proven she's very capable of a more demanding vocal performance.  While her remixes were often hard and aggressive, Kay Karma does a 180 with her original content. Approaching each song with an R&B lens, it's all feelings in this 9 track debut and Kay Karma dominates the entire project, offering up a well planned and delivered introduction.   

Listen to Wait No More, and make an effort to check out her past remixes as well. If you go to her SoundCloud page you’ll find all of them, and each is worth a spin or more. Some standouts are “Jumpman”“My Way”, “Codeine Brazy” and “Too Easy”