Drea The Vibe Dealer • Triple Goddess EP

On the holiday known as Thanksgiving, spiritual singer Drea Smith decided to instead focus on the full moon. Paying homage to La Luna Llena and the mysticism that surrounds the monthly magnificence, she released a three song EP called Triple Goddess that's entirely produced by 2008ighties member Sani.

Throughout the three songs, "vibe dealer" Drea displays a dawn of a new era, a new chapter in a lengthy book called Life. Movement, growth, revitalization, these are all things we see take place in these short eight-and-a-half minutes.

Written by Drea “in a bunch of guest rooms”, the three songs are titled “3”, “6”, and “9”, with quick additional titles added in parenthesis. From the emotions contained from “Doubtful” to “Fake Like” to “Out Your Life”, it's obvious that Drea is transitioning following a difficult life change. Pain and hurt take shape, sure, but the final track remains optimistic and tough, sounding like the final shootout of an epic Spaghetti Western film. 

With her Triple Goddess EP, as well as the numerous bedroom covers she's delivered throughout this calendar year, we have plenty of reasons to continue listening to one of the more unique singers who resides in the Windy City.