Montana of 300 & Talley of 300 • "MF's Mad"

Directed By A Zae Productions

Drill rapper extraordinaire Montana of 300 got his start like many others by freestyling over industry beats. This path doesn't normally spawn a lot of lasting careers, but Montana's aggressive bars and clean visuals had people itching for more after each drop. Since his introduction during summer of last year, Montana has spun a career making freestyles into a fan base reaching the tens if not hundreds of thousands. Following up his 2014 solo release Cursed With a Blessing, Montana is back and joined by Talley of 300 to deliver the third single from their upcoming collab project Gunz N Roses. From new albums on deck, to upcoming collaborations with Fetty Wap, there doesn't seem to be any hibernation planned for Montana of 300 this winter.