theWHOevers • "Told You So"

Last night on These Days Radio, we had our homies J Arthur and Dotkom of theWHOevers drop by so we could torture them with technical difficulties and feed them cold beer and bacon (yes, the bacon was cold). Being the great sports that they are, theWHOevers hung around to talk about the previously released Marathon and what's next for the duo. Although Marathon is only several months old, theWHOevers are taking no breaks. Their disciplined work ethic has been demonstrated over and over again throughout theWHOevers' existence, and as they round out 2015, J and Dotkom stay true to those ideals.

We played a new single featuring production from Slot-A last night, and today I'm here to share it with you just in case you missed the broadcast. While theWHOevers are nothing if not a couple of the most humble guys I've had the pleasure of knowing, in this new joint they take time to bask in the glory of an always satisfying "told you so" moment. Producer Slot-A is certainly no stranger to theWHOevers, and we're told the group is going to get even more familiar as they embark on a yet to be titled joint EP (We'll refer to it as the Steve EP for now).  Dive into the EP's first single above. If you sleep on it, we'll be forced to have an "I told you so" moment of our own.