The Walters • "Autumn Leaves"

“I thought I saw you today, but nobody was there.”

As the Chicago streets grow colder, my music tastes take a turn for the more tranquil and acoustic. Windy City indie pop band The Walters properly soundtracked last year's winter with their debut EP, Songs for Dads. Following those six songs, they remained rather dormant throughout 2015, playing a bunch of shows but only releasing a split single over the summer. That all changed once the fall hit, as they returned with a duo of gems, first with the song “Goodbye Baby” and now with the track “Autumn Leaves”. The latter of the two is an energized ode to lost love and reflection, of reminiscing and reconsidering. You know, the typical things that pass through your brain in November. Also, it's worth noting how smart this pun-filled song title truly is.

Both tracks mentioned above will be featured on The Walters' upcoming EP, Young Men, set to be released on December 23. Let “Autumn Leaves” hold you over as you walk to work in the snow, as you take note of your visible breath outside, as you sip hot cocoa with the one that you love, as you realize that you're more alone than you've ever been.