Akenya • "Disappear"

23-year-old singer and instrumentalist Akenya has made a name for herself over the last few years as a featured artist - lending her vocals to some of the city's brightest rising stars. With "Disappear" we are introduced to Akenya as a solo artist as she prepares for the forthcoming release of Moon in the 4th. Handling production in addition to the song's writing and performance, she shows her talents go well beyond her singing abilities. After Akenya graced us with the opportunity to premiere the offering, she went on to give us a bit of background on how it came together. Read her words below, and listen to them above. If you like what you hear, add it to your collection via bandcamp

"I originally produced this entire thing on garageband. I didn’t have access to any software or equipment but needed to get this song out. The lyrics just came to me as I was waking up one day and I started singing the melody. I went to my kitchen table, started drumming, and recorded it. In fact, a lot of the elements in the finished version are from the original demo. The vocal percussion, the drums at the end of the track, some of the harmonies, and the bass throughout the entire song is from that demo. You don’t need the fanciest most expensive equipment to create something great - a little can go a long way"