Marrow • "Fool"

There was a long wait for new music between the inception of Marrow and the arrival of their debut full-length The Gold Standard. It appears the group is settling into a groove as of late though, debuting a live video shot at Thalia Hall and releasing a new track in “Fool” which hit the internet just before the weekend.

Fresh off a tour, the group comes together once again on the heels of bassist Lane Beckstrom’s inspired debut solo visual and front-woman Macie Stewart’s recent run of releases as part of the Homme duo for a fun track that finds them stepping decidedly outside of whatever lane you may decide to try and pack them into. Once again, Stewart’s voice paces here while Liam Cunningham’s gentle chords guide her way into the sort of Chicago the band-feeling bridge and chorus which utilize vocals beautifully while melding a litany of influences smoothly under one umbrella that is “Fool”.

“I won’t be misunderstood, I won’t be a fool” goes the chorus on this one. It’d be easy to misunderstand Marrow. Carefully crafted harmonies are often book-ended by muted, tearing guitar riffs and their body of work over the past year and a half has been at once all over the place and settled into a particular lane. In a city where hip-hop has been central, these four have been catalysts for an indie side of the scene that is often overlooked or easily patted to the side. Don’t front on Marrow, they’ve only just begun to prove what they’re capable of and with the winter settling in now, expect them to pump out plenty more in the coming months as they hibernate in their personal studio cooking up the next batch of hits. Catch the group celebrating their album release with a show at Lincoln Hall later this week!