Goodbye Tomorrow • "eXplosions"

Since releasing their debut project, A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer, three months ago, Goodbye Tomorrow has continued to hold our attention by a duo of loose singles. Two weeks ago, we heard (and covered) "2 MANY", and now we get “eXplosions”, a four minute track that hones in on aggressive lyricism and glitched-out production, both of which we have come to expect from the enigmatic collective. With a simple SoundCloud description of “audacity. bravado. verity.”, what more do you need?

For their premiere over at Pigeons&Planes, they describe the track a bit: 'eXplosions' is kind of like that same frustration level as ‘2 MANY', but refocused into a different frequency. The end of ‘2 MANY’ says, ‘Fuck you, your perspective is irrelevant, you’ll never take me out my element,’ and this is that attitude but refined. It’s less outward and more inward, more about immediacy. Still mad as fuck but more audacious.”

Could these two recent tracks be part of a larger project? Something to drop before the year is over? Or are they simply two singles to maintain circulation leading up to a show in LA in December. Either way, the songs are welcome.