Young Chop • Choptober

For most Americans, October 31 is Halloween, a day to put on a costume and hunt for either candy or booze. For veteran drill producer (and rookie rapper) Young Chop, October 31 was Choptober. The well-known Windy City producer joined forces with fellow beatmaker CBMIX for twelve instrumental tracks.

Young Chop was at the forefront of the birth of drill and these instrumentals make that claim all the more evident. Aggressive drums, parades of hi hats, and enough bass to wake up your entire neighborhood. Yes, you will hear the famous tag “Young Chop on the beat” at the beginning of all of these songs so you know it's real. These dozen songs all come produced by Young Chop, with CBMIX assisting on 2/3 of them. The song “Fuck with Scooter” is about as intense as they come, while tracks like “Cry Together” and “Don't I” are more emotional and relaxed. Chief Keef even makes a production appearance on this tape, helping with the instrumental “From the Valley”, which is one of the smoother/more calm instrumentals on the project.

It's a Chicago native affair, through and through, with Choptober, a celebration that continues well into November.