Kembe X • "Buried Alive"

Kembe X is one of my very favorite rappers from out of Chicago. Although the MC resides in L.A., he holds down the Windy City in a proper fashion by releasing strong single after strong single. This year alone, we've heard him with Ran$ah and Plu2o Nash on the track “Nothin'”, we've heard him alongside Danny Brown on “Hereditary (2 Bitches)”, and we've heard him alongside Alex Wiley on the single “Right Right”.

On top of these collaborative efforts, Kembe has dropped a series of solo gems that I still blast. Songs like “Loosie'” and “Feelin' Like the Man”, both of which have outstanding music videos to accompany the strong audio. It's obvious that the dreaded, bearded Village member has found his voice, yet he continues to expand it, like on new track “Buried Alive”, where he slows it down a bit and even sings, reflective and serene as he enters into November. Production from The Antydote only enhances this effort as the two do wonders together, just like they did on last year's “Patience Part Too”. These singles are keeping me content and entertained, but the streets (and the These Days staff) are eagerly awaiting a proper Kembe project. Until then, enjoy "Buried Alive".