Roy French • FLUX

Roy French has had one hell of a 2015. Paving his own liquified and dreamy aesthetic through his branding like Splash Paradise and Drip Gang, French has been letting loose singles and features on a regular basis throughout the year. If he collaborated with Juicy J, the song might be called “We Drippy Mane”.

Anyway, last month, we heard (and saw) the track “EA” with production from Earn Money. Prior to that, we heard wavy (or rather, splashy) songs like “Be Cool” and “Hush Puppies”. While all of these singles were enjoyable and welcome, it's been half a year since Roy has compiled a project for the masses. That all changes this week with his six song project Flux, which more or less acts as a follow-up to the mini EP Melt (Special).

Meshing hallucinogens with rainbow-stained beverages, Roy French has crafted a sound that is equal parts freeform flows, trap-heavy bass, and tripped out adlibs. The result is something like Based God chanting in a sensory deprivation tank. Unique and surreal, the six song project Flux is a great EP to spread before 2016 strikes. Acting as the lead single for the EP, French also dropped the visuals for the track "Mexico", which is produced by Dutchy and Joint Russell. The video is basic, but it highlights French acting wild in a sombrero and a pink (Lyrical Lemonade) tee. Drippy.