Ransah • "Again"

Directed By Plu2o Nash / Photo by Bryan Zawlocki

Ransah has been under the tutelage of producer Plu2o Nash for just under a year now and the duo have brought us a number of hot records throughout their time together. One loose cut after another, it's clear that Ransah is just getting started and taking his time to sharpen his craft as an emcee before rushing into any type of official project. For those that may not know, Plu2o is the production mind that assisted Lucki Ecks' breakout and it appears that 197's Ransah is the next protege to be blessed with a lifetime supply of those syrupy beats. Just a week after Ransah and Mayhem Meech dropped "Chips",  he and Plu2o Nash link once more for their new single and video, "Again". Again and again as they say, this duo is relentless.
According to Ransah, as long as he stays in the race, the opposition doesn't stand a chance.