Santah • "Here Are My Shells"

Directed by Jack Whaley

Last week, we reviewed the new rock album Chico by Chicago quintet Santah. In preparation for their listening party/concert at Lincoln Hall on Friday, and to keep everyone's attention on their new (fantastic) album, they let loose a music video for the song “Here Are My Shells”.

Directed by Jack Whaley, the entertaining video shows middle school kids competing for a physical fitness badge during gym class, all the while members of Santah play their instruments in the halls of the school. With fanny packs, fingerless gloves, motivational posters, and a scrawny underdog with a cassette player, the memorable video is one for the books.

Creating an instant feel of reminiscence and reflection, the video hones in on the terrors of middle school, the locker room smells, and the embarrassing competitions with a teacher who most likely took it all way too seriously. Consider the video for “Here Are My Shells” like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Superbad meshed with Weezer and The Strokes.