Lane Beckstrom • "Lost in Time"

Directed by Ania Bilinska and Lane Beckstrom

Chicago creative Lane Beckstrom can be heard all around the city, from collaborating with Eryn Allen Kane to assisting with his band Marrow to even a past history with known noteworthy band Kids These Days. Branching out into his solo realm, Lane recently graced us with the audio and visual versions for the track “Lost in Time.” The song is a three minute instrumental that thumps around with shaky drums and a playful synth line. Experimentation is the name of the game as cosmic noises come and go with ease, wrapping around an obscure vocal loop. The song finishes just as it began, with plenty going on in between. Progressive and and wild. It only makes sense that this new track from Mr. Beckstrom is tagged as “weird beats type ish” and “bruh”.

While that much is gathered from the SoundCloud drop, the video accompanies the music by showcasing Beckstrom scarfing down junk food with determination. Chomping on pizza in slow motion, inhaling a bag of Lucky Charms later lead to dance moves, bright colors, Lake Michigan, and a little bit of vomit. Nothing is too much for Lane, and this new single/video combo proves exactly that.