Via Rosa • Judge the Book

Late last night, Chicago singer Via Rosa released a five song playlist of cover songs that she recorded in her bedroom. The EP, Judge the Book, features covers of songs by Peggy Lee (“Fever”), Amy Winehouse (“Stronger Than Me”), Weezer (“Don't Go”), and more. She even covers “Don't Go” by Pyyramids, which is the duo made up of Tim Nordwind of OK GO and Drea Smith, Via's best friend and former roommate.

The last song of the EP is “Bones Fool of Me”, which is a Michael Kiwanuka cover, where Via crafted a simple loop and sang some soothing, lo-fi smokey goodness. Echoey croons. Other than the Weezer and Kiwanuka tracks, the production on the project comes courtesy of 2008ighties affiliate Sani, who worked with Via Rosa on an EP last year titled Cinderella '99. The two are rumored to be working on a follow-up known as Sleepless in Chicago, but I haven't heard any updates as of late.

Judge the Book ( its cover, get it?) is yet another drop from Via Rosa that keeps her fans at bay, as she plays more shows and presents a great deal of covers like the ones offered above. All of this only further allows us to anticipate her two upcoming projects: her EP with producer Na'el Shehade known as Drama, as well as Metempsychosis, her THEMpeople-assisted proper follow-up for last year's DeathViaLove. Even though 2015 has been full of loose singles, scattered covers, and demo B-sides for Via Rosa, she's been crafting some of the most soulful and intimate pieces of music oozing out of the Windy City. She's also been playing more shows recently. Don't miss her live. She might just do a cover of Drowning Pool.