Monte Booker • "New Chapter"

Buzzing Chicago producer Monte Booker is fresh off of the release of his four song EP that was released through Soulection's White Label. The EP, which featured two instrumentals and two tracks with Smino and Ravyn Lenae, opened a whole new fan base for the 20-year-old producer. Now, to keep the energy generating in his direction, he gives us "new chapter", a fresh page in the book of Monte Booker. For four minutes, he gives us much more of his signature percussion-heavy mania that somehow feels more harmonic and pleasant (despite being all over the place) than his past tracks.

Very few producers sound like Booker and "new chapter" is yet another piece of evidence to help that claim. It's not easy to stand out among your peers in an over saturated market like Chicago (and beyond), but Monte has done just that, and he's done it organically. Monte's production is complex, but extremely easy to enjoy. While we love hearing Monte's Zero Fatigue cohorts jump on his tracks, pressing play on any of his instrumentals alone is just as satisfying. 

If you're a real one, be sure to pay a visit over to Booker's Bandcamp account, where eleven of his songs are $1 each and every tracks boasts a different pastel color.