Whitney • "Southern Nights"

"Have you ever felt a southern night? Free as a breeze, not the mention the trees whistlin' tunes that you know and love so."

Newly formed Chicago act Whitney was previously covered on These Days after releasing the creekside video for their acoustic track "Follow". The folksy Americana group has yet to release a proper project, but the band has been touring heavily and letting loose tracks drop along the way. They gave us the lead single "No Matter Where We Go", back in May, and played a handful of unreleased jams at CMJ's FaderFort back in October. And now, on Friday the 13, they deliver with the audio for the song "Southern Nights". 

While listening to this track on a Friday night in the South Side of Chicago, I found it hard not to be emotionally captivated by this Allen Toussaint cover. Moments after reading about the devastating news sweeping throughout Paris, I pressed play on this track and lost it completely. Whitney recorded this version a few months ago, and following Tuesday's passing of New Orleans artist Toussaint (who originally recorded this song back in 1977), the band felt it relevant to release it as a standalone single. Something to hold over the fans until something more proper is released.

"Feel so good, it's frightenin'. Wish I could stop this world from fighting."