Eryn Allen Kane • Aviary: Act I

At laaaaasst... 

Our friend Eryn Allen Kane has delivered her debut project... well, sort of. Today Eryn shares Aviary: Act I, a four song EP which houses her trio of stellar singles: "Mercy", "Slipping" & "Piano Song". The new piece of listening comes in the form of "Bass Song". Serving as the EP's intro, the track sees a lone bass line grow into a triumphant backing band - seemingly to keep pace with Kane's progressive and powerful vocals. Act II is set to arrive in January with a larger batch of new songs, but for now we have this to enjoy as "a snack before the meal." 

We expect Aviary to let the rest of the world in on what the These Days staff, and those familiar with Eryn's work, have known for years - this girl is a star. Her transition into a leading role is as exciting as it is overdue. Though her work as a supporting act is sure to help her debut be received by a wider audience, her high profile co-signs will fall to the footnotes as she continues to release material. Kane possesses a talent that needs to be front and center, and Act I has begun to reveal that. Give the project a listen above, and be sure to support by grabbing it on iTunes.