Khallee & Bobby Swan • Burgundy EP

During the winter of last year, within the cold underbelly of Chicago, vocalist Khallee and producer Bobby Swan set out to record something memorable. The five finalized tracks (and one bonus track) surfaced yesterday as Burgundy, a half-dozen song EP which was released through label Mishka Records and promotional company 1833. Although Khallee is a Chicago native, originally a member of the now defunct group Jodie (they released an EP six months ago and then went ghost), Khallee recently moved to New York. With that in mind, it only makes sense that Burgundy was released through a Brooklyn-based record label and a Chicago brand. Consider it a homecoming and a farewell of sorts. 

Crafting the instrumentals for the first five songs, Chicago producer Bobby Swan had just as much of a role in the creation of this EP as Khallee. The end product is atmospheric, emotional, and, as Khallee describes, a mixture of "alternative R&B" and "tranquil blues". He recently tweeted, "Rhythm and burgundy, we over the blues." Along with Khallee and Bobby Swan, the two also recruited vocals from Dre Green and The GTW, as well as production assistance from Kevin Carey, Teklife member Gantman, and A Dog (aka Austin of Supreme Cuts). The talents contained within this EP (which draw connections to acts like The-Drum and Mykki Blanco and so many others) have been working on their craft for years and have more of a presence online than within the Windy City. Their music soundtracks late-night SoundCloud surfs and obscure DJ sets at sweaty house parties. The Burgundy EP is yet another addition to this grouping of music, to this strong subculture within the R&B and hip-hop world. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.