Goodbye Tomorrow • "2 Many"

Dabbling in futurism and an intricately boisterous sound, the Goodbye Tomorrow collective find themselves as the heroes in a dystopian world ruled by phony dictators of thought. Their latest single "2 MANY" addresses those autocrats as well as their swine protectors with precise rhyming and statements that leave little to the listener's imagination. By sampling UK artist Skepta, the duo utilizes the same energy found in grime to get their message across loud and clear; too many people are allowing ignorance to diminish their independent mind.

That's a statement I wholeheartedly agree with. In fact, by using my own, I'm willing to talk about an issue I have with the record that's left me restless. In the second verse, the emcee basically dismisses online publications for their lack of morals and ability to curate music. While that may be true, I have noticed that ever since their first single, Rostrum Records has promoted the duo through huge websites that essentially serve as content farms for the worshiper mind they're so adamantly against.

While I'm not saying their music doesn't deserve the attention it's been getting -- they speak on important topics and I've enjoyed most of their releases so far -- there's definitely something odd about an anonymous act finding their footing in the online press so quickly. Are they trying to fool the listener or just negligent of the doings of their public relations team?  A fine line between sacrificing personal acknowledgement for art's sake and doing it for commercial appeal definitely exists, but at this point, I'm unsure where they stand.

Goodbye Tomorrow's homecoming show in December will surely shed more light on who they are. Until then, enjoy "2 MANY" and revisit their debut album A Journey Through the Mind of a Non Believer.