NJOMZA (Ft. Mac Miller) • "Creatures of the Night"

The hype around NJOMZA is very real, but although she calls Chicago home, many in the city remain completely unfamiliar. This is something we're seeing more and more of as music's Internet age takes over. An artist has the ability to reach millions across the globe by posting a song to SoundCloud and his/her next door neighbor may have no clue just how big his/her global influence is. 

With the importance of an online presence at an all-time high, in walks NJOMZA, a Chicago vocalist that has built quite the name for herself over the past few years with random but quality releases. Continuing the trend, NJOMZA celebrated her favorite holiday yesterday with the release of "Creatures of the Night" featuring Mac Miller and his two alter egos: high-pitched and maniacal rapper Delusional Thomas as well as producer Larry Fisherman. Earl Sweatshirt also assists with production under his moniker randomblackdude. The alter egos are at full-force here as the night darkens, the moon rises, and the monsters come alive. All of these talents give the five-and-a-half minute song that eerie feel you would expect, with NJOMZA and Miller delivering a smooth request to join them as "Creatures of the Night".