Mick Jenkins • "Your Love"

Directed By Nathan R. Smith

Last night, Mick Jenkins celebrated his homecoming by gracing The Metro in Chicago with the last show of his U.S. tour alongside producer stwo and vocalist theMIND. The event contained a nearly sold out, if not completely sold out, crowd. Prior to an impressive performance and an overall enjoyable evening, performers and guests were gathered in the green room and Mick finished up his meet and greet with fans upstairs. 7:00 p.m. rolled around and a computer being used primarily as the group's jukebox was commandeered by Carl of Hurt Everybody to play Mick's new video for "Your Love": a visual many of us hadn't seen, but anticipated greatly after still photos (like the one above) were released several weeks ago. 

Amidst a hectic and, at times, chaotic green room environment, the new visual captured the attention of the group effectively as everyone quieted down (with the exception of a more than occasional fit of laughter) to watch. The 70s theme throughout the Nathan R. Smith directed video required all of its participants to don some super fly attire as Mick pursued a love interest (played by fellow Chicago emcee Jean Deaux), and the result was more than entertaining. Watch the comical performance above, and go get yourself Mick's newest EP, Wave[sif you haven't done so already.