Nosaj Thing (Ft. Chance The Rapper & The O'My's) • "Cold Stares"

Chance has always been really good about holding down those around him who have been there from the start. He continued that trend by linking up with producer Nosaj Thing ("Paranoia") and The O'My's ("Wonder Years", "Slip Slide") for this very dope single that made some nice waves around Nosaj's album, Fated, which was released back in May, and which scored a 7.2 from Pitchfork. 

Yesterday, the semi-existential track received a visual rendering from director Daito Manabe that takes the song into some weird territory, complete with drones, graphed-out Matrix-like scenes, and a full 3D experience to boot. Having been a minute since the song dropped, it's easy to forget how prominent The O'My's frontman Maceo Haymes' voice is throughout, acting almost as an anchor that allows Nosaj and Chance to explore different areas, allowing for a fully exploratory track that is at once based within itself. This is easily a favorite of the year and a welcome visual to re-introduce a welcome collaboration. Chance is currently embarking on his Family Matters Tour fresh off the birth of his first baby girl while Nosaj is back working diligently in the studio and The O'My's are prepping their follow up to 2015's Keeping The Faith EP. Check back for more, but for now, take in the tripped-out visuals for "Cold Stares".