King Louie • 6 God Tony

With an owl tattoo imprinted on his neck, IYRTITL type-shirts and his Twitter bio proudly pledging allegiance with a hashtag, I’ve concluded that either King Louie is signed to Drake’s OVO Sound on the low, making it the worst kept secret of all time, or Louie has developed a creepy affinity towards the Toronto-based label that borders in the obsessive. I’m definitely rooting for the former, but regardless it seems that his possible affiliation with OVO has ignited a creative fire in him as he continues to release great music in 2015.

6 God Tony is a short yet menacing surprise EP that continues the now awkward trend with the project's title and a "Jumpan" remix as the outro for good measure. Putting all uncertainty aside, Louie still goes off in all six records featured here and keeps his hot-streak going with another strong release. Stream below.