Mathien • "Mad Heart Dance"

Being the hip-hop head that I am, a talent like Mathien may never have naturally crossed my radar. In hindsight, it's a no brainer that Mathien get tossed into the daily rotation, but the initial credit for putting me on must be given to local emcee and Treated Crew member Sulaiman. In 2010, prior to the Chicago renaissance, Chris Mathien and Suli were said to have met while sitting on a couch. Following that moment, the duo, later known as Local Nobodies, went on to create a fun and unique blend of funk and hip-hop influenced music that intrigued me. Unfortunately, the duo was short-lived.

Although the Local Nobodies only went on to create one album and a handful of loosies, the world of Mathien has since been a world I enjoy visiting as much as possible. Today, Mathien returns with "Mad Heart Dance", a lively love anthem that was originally intended to be an album cut, but was instead banished to the vault of uncertainty. That is, until now. It's only Tuesday morning, but no reason not to get this dance party started right away. Carpe diem.