BoatHouse • GIRL EP

Photo by Ben Niespodziany

Photo by Ben Niespodziany

Closed Sessions producer BoatHouse has had quite the year. With production credits for artists like Lucki Eck$, CRASHprez, Allan Kingdom, WebsterX, and more, he also helped out with labelmates Kweku Collins and Odd Couple on their respective releases. Not do be outdone by his peers, and following the Closed Sessions compilation Spicy Caliente, BoatHouse takes the main stage this week with the release of his debut EP, GIRL. We saw the lead single debut over at Boiler Room prior to CS's CMJ showcase, and now we get all seven songs, which begin in the morning ["Blair (Dreaming of the Day)"] and end at night ["Eve (Night)"]. I caught up with the 22-year-old beatsmith and talked to him about the EP and what the future holds for a man who resides in the sea. Float with the Boat one time.

Hey man, how's it going?

Sup bro. sheesh. Always something to look forward too. I just got back from visiting New York right for my first time ever. We (Closed sessions) had a show with Boiler Room in a garage in Chinatown. It was rad.

What's the concept behind GIRL?

Along with the names of the tracks being women I think about, I wanted to dedicate this project to them and women in general. Girls are an important piece of everyone's daily life, we all come from women and I think it's important to realize who really holds the key to life and that's girls. None of us would be alive, let alone be able to achieve our dreams, without Girls so I wanted to put this EP out, not only as a collection of music but as a nod and sign of appreciation to people that I think we all owe it too.

What was the process like with crafting these instrumentals?

Watched a lot of movies with the sound off. A lot of anime. Smoked infinity one hitters. Man, it's been a long time coming. I put out a small beat tape (Storefront) last year but I don't count that. I was on my own and my computer had gotten stolen and so I scrounged up those beats from my Google Drive. GIRL EP is my first official release. Even though it's just an EP, I wanted to treat it like something special. A lot of these beats have been in the works for years. Closed Sessions and my friends around me provided me with the tools and confidence to get these songs to the point I wanted.

When did you realize you wanted to make an EP using only female names?

I knew I wanted to put out a project, I also knew that I wanted it to showcase my production in an only instrumental fashion. I think about girls pretty much all day every day and with the way these songs were coming out, it only made sense to dedicate it to the inspiration they provide to me.

Starting with “Blair (Dreaming of the Day)” and ending with “Eve (Night)”, is this EP supposed to take us through a full day?

Yeah exactly, it's like different girls throughout different parts of the day because all babes are different.

Are these all women you know?

Not all of them personally but they're all actual people or based on real people.

What can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Now that this project is out and can do its thing, I'm really just locking back in the studio, making some more beats. Maybe a few loosies will get out there before 2016 but this next year will be fun :)