Nick Catchdubs (Ft. ShowYouSuck) • "Drop"

Directed by Matt Kliegman

Earlier this summer, the one man pizza party himself made a guest appearance on Nick Catchdubs' Fools Gold release Smoke Machine. The collaboration with the Fools Gold co-founder gave ShowYouSuck an opportunity to work with a team that shared his less than traditional rapper personality. 

In the new visual for Nick and Show's "Drop", their unconventional hip hop personalities come to life as they drift off into a dream sequence and drop straight into the depths of Hell. You can expect to see Beavis & Butthead parodies, dog masks and winged demons as Catchdubs and ShowYouSuck traverse this trippy experience concocted by Matt Kliegman aka STEAMCLAM.  

Catchdubs' Smoke Machine is out and the video for "Drop" is available for viewing, so what's next? According to ShowYouSuck's Twitter feed, we can expect a remix for "Drop" this week, and of course the highly anticipated next chapter in the "One Man Pizza Party" series to follow suit in the near future.