Vic Mensa • "Married To The King Freestyle"

Vic Mensa isn't prone to be around Twitter too much these days, but he never strays too far from a recording studio. Consequently, as we continue to wait on his highly anticipated album Traffic, Vic hit the booth late last night and got off his chest a few things he deemed addressing in the short-but-fiery "Married To The King." To be clear, this song is labeled as a one-off freestyle. However, the SaveMoney member still approached the Deputy-produced instrumental with the same intensity fans experience when he's on stage and passion we've come to expect from his releases.

Citing his constant touring, persistent ambition and long-term relationship with his girlfriend, music, and money, my only beef here is the filler line "If the lady is a tramp, let her suck the noodle." It doesn't quite fit with the whole verse (except for a slight connection to the previous rhyme) or main themes and would've been better off without it. At this point, I'm just nitpicking a track that isn't meant to be examined in such a rigorous manner so I digress. It's nice to have an update on Vic's current standing and see that he is still producing solid material effortlessly.