L0∆DiNGtümorrow.. • "She Don't (Yii Tu 3)"

Once in a while, a local artist catches you by surprise. In the world of music journalism, especially in a niche platform that focuses on local talent, I'm not often caught off guard by a newcomer. If an artist is worth knowing about, we find out ahead of the curve. In the case of L0∆DiNGtümorrow.., the Chicago duo comprised of producer Cartier Jones and emcee Godïus R.ichard Oasis hit the ground running, quickly grabbing the attention of music fans and leaving most journalists bewildered at their sudden rise to popularity. In the grand scheme of things L0∆DiNGtümorrow.. is still brand new, but for an act with only three songs in their repertoire, they seem to be gaining momentum less as a result of constant online presence, and more as a result of their artistic vision.

Clicking play above won't bring you down the familiar hip hop path you may be accustomed to, and that's a good thing. "She Don't (Yii Tu 3)" may be a song about a girl, but the unconventional pairing of Godïus' lyricism and Cartier's spacey instrumentals is what initially drew me in and continues to keep me interested with these two. What L0∆DiNGtümorrow.. is cooking up and where they will end up is yet to be determined, but the music is worth a listen and that's what its all about.