Equator Club • Infinity EP

After last week's exclusive Equator Club sneak peek and kickin' release party at Beauty Bar, the Them Flavors DJ has dropped his Infinity EP, a sharp and impressive debut with which Equator Club not only crafts four great tracks, but builds a cohesive project that is teeming with life. On the one hand, you could consider the name Infinity as referencing the endless quality of an unexplored natural area, something that just goes on, and on, but it could just as easily be referring to the soundcloud loop you'll be stuck in, hitting replay over and over again.

And this endless, “infinite”, sound is prevalent in his music. The songs end, yes. But they are always building, always developing; they never stop moving until they, well, stop. The dense layers and sampling to each track create the effect of the constant natural movement you might find somewhere still untouched. There are 4 tracks, and each one a little different.  All electronic music, but ranging from dance to something a little darker. Interestingly enough, it’s the quiet, mysterious track with which Equator Club opens the album. Setting the tone for the rest of the EP, it’s a successful start by placing the listener on unsure footing. Because of this, after the first track “Infinity”, you never know what exactly lies around the other corners of the project.

With how much is going on in Infinity (in the best way possible), you can tell that Equator Club loves to surprise the listener. It's these minor details and flourishes (example: the bells in the middle of "Find Her", the halftime breakdown in "Goodluv", "Where Could You Be's" twitchy vocals) that set apart Equator Club's body of work. Take a chance and sit down with Infinity to see what's waiting to be discovered, the possibilities are endless.