Chance The Rapper (ft. Saba) • "Angels"

Chance The Rapper is growing up. 

In fact, that's arguably emerged as the biggest theme of his career to date. Chance first introduced himself as The Rapper as a energetic and witty, high school-aged troublemaker with his debut mixtape 10 Day. In 2013, his critically-acclaimed Acid Rap offering got the world's attention. Then, he showed himself as intelligent kid with immense potential who began to understand the city and industry surrounding him and the ripple effects his music could have on both of those. A couple years later, we're yet again reintroduced to Chancelor Bennett. Newly a father and with sharpened musical chops thanks to one of the best collaborate albums in recent memory with Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment's Surf. Chance now understands the man he wants to be and the world he wants for those around him, and is making all the right moves to get there. 

Earlier this week, prior to two sold out NYC shows that put this writer mere feet away from Jay Z, Beyoncé & Usher, Chance sat down with Hot97's Ebro for what the rapper acknowledged to be a monumental interview for him. There Chance went on record for the first time in regards to his long awaited next solo project. Identifying it as his third mixtape, the 22-year-old explained it's the final chapter in a trilogy of projects that include aforementioned 10 Day & Acid Rap. For the debut single off the forthcoming release, Chance took to the Late Show stage Monday night to give fans "Angels." Joined by the Social Experiment, DJ Oreo, DLow & Saba (while repping both WCGI 107.5 and Power 92.3), Chance once again unselfishly uses his moment to share it with his friends and showcase the love he has for his city.