Michael Anthony • SIXX Playlist

Earlier this fall, we released a Single Slideshow piece on THEMpeople artist Michael Anthony. The soft-spoken (yet very vocal) artist has been providing some of the most slept on music to come out of the Windy City in 2015. Partly because very little promo is involved, and partly because no official releases have been made. That being said, Michael Anthony is not a name to dismiss. The talented poet meshes R&B and soul with some of the finest production in recent memory. With one of the best pair of ears in the Midwest, Anthony has been compiling playlists on his SoundCloud that are worthy of soundtracking your entire evening. 

Most recently, Michael Anthony decided to compile nine songs (some of which we've previously covered) into his newest SoundCloud playlist, SIXX. Some songs are two years old, some a year, some five months, some two days. Time doesn't matter here, as all nine songs help to act as a piece of a larger puzzle, something intricate and delicate and inspirational and free flowing. These songs are a late night compilation, something to play as you roll your final spliff before slumber, as you kiss your wifey goodnight and close your eyes. This is something to listen to when you have no other distractions. Close your eyes and listen. Close your eyes and witness.

I am to be shown that life possesses every beauty.