Via Rosa (Feat. Mathien & theMIND) • "Spin Cycle"

Certain collaborations make so much sense that when they finally happen, the audience might collectively wonder, "Why didn't this happen earlier?" Such is the case for artists Via Rosa and Mathien, two These Days favorites who recently collaborated with theMIND on the song "Spin Cycle". 

While Mathien is currently residing in Knoxville, Tennesse, he often make visits back to the Windy City. It was during one such visit that he and Via joined forces with THEMpeople (on production) and Ben Hixon (on guitar) to sing something sweet; something to play while watching the leaves fall, while gazing at the trees turning different colors.

I've made the statement before that Mathien makes good music for the holidays, and as November and December come closer, “Spin Cycle” will be getting more and more spins (get it?) from me. Meanwhile, theMIND, who is out touring in Europe with Mick Jenkins, adds a madcap verse near the end of the song that is worthy of rewind. The whole single works out so nicely and how fitting that it was released on such a beautiful day. Please do yourself a favor and sing a long to a positive and catchy guitar tune and, as the SoundCloud descriptor reads, “have a nice day.”

“It feels like the earth is spinning just for us right now.”